overnight chocolate oats


Here’s a super quick breakfast in a jar recipe for you: overnight chocolate oats… 🙂

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strawberry cheesecake smoothie


This is an absolutely luscious smoothie that tastes just like a strawberry cheesecake! Nut-free, dairy-free and vegan. It’s the perfect go-to sweet and creamy smoothie combo.

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paleo lemon cake with smashed raspberries


It was a baking kind of weekend last week and instead of making another raw cake or something chocolatey (which I often tend to do), the Sydney winter chill called for something nourishing and baked.

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berry bombshell smoothie


I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently and am suffering from post-Summer blues (if there’s such a thing). So I’ve decided to whip up something that’s immunity boosting, fruity and refreshing. Result? The Berry Bombshell smoothie – full of nutrients including vitamin C for immune function, anti-inflammatory omega-3 and antioxidants, magnesium for nerve function and muscle-building protein. Ideal for breakfast or as a nourishing snack. Bonus: It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

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healthy chocolate ice-cream


This is heaven in a bowl. It’s also a never-fail recipe courtesy of The Farm, San Benito, in the Philippines. I’ve run their recipes before, but I thought to share my absolute fave in time for Easter. Like most of the recipes on this blog, it’s wheat-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free and 100% delicious – just as rich, decadent and creamy as the store-bought kind. Yep, even ice-cream lovers won’t be able to tell it’s not really ice-cream! Bonus: it’s super healthy as it’s rich in healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants and magnesium 🙂

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green tea geisha smoothie

image So I’ve got a slight obsession with green smoothies, having posted a recipe here, here, and here. And it’s so hard to get sick of them because there’s endless combinations of yummy (and healthy) ingredients to make something that almost resembles a naughty milkshake from the corner cafe (you know, the ones which are usually heavily sweetened with sugar, dairy and flavoured syrup!).

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book review: honestly healthy cleanse


Honestly Healthy Cleanse by Natasha Corrett

The lowdown:

A mix of every day and gourmet vegetarian recipes in a beautifully photographed cookbook.

There’s over 100 recipes that are designed to alkalize the body (that is, dishes to flood your cells with nutrient-rich and health-promoting plant foods).

You can choose from three menu plans depending on what you want to achieve: a 6-day slim-down (mainly a liquid diet), high-protein cleanse (for active people) or 28-day plan (to help you permanently change the way you eat). Or, you can just use it as a handy cookbook for when you want to make vegetarian foods.

Great for anyone inspired to get healthier – there’s an amazing intro about what plant-based foods offer, a pantry list and exactly what to expect when you take on one of the plans.

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guest recipe: raw chocolate, caramel and banana ice-cream bars

Image via Kate Levins

Image via Kate Levins

I can forgo a lot of things – wine, cheese, pasta, hot chips (hmm, is that even normal?!) – but you’ll be hard-pressed to find me going without some form of raw chocolate (aka cacao) treat.

As mentioned in a previous post, cacao is a superfood, packed with antioxidants and many essential minerals, including magnesium, iron, manganese, chromium, zinc, copper and phosphorus.

*A little side note: when you buy chocolate, generally the darker the chocolate is, the more cocao and less sugar it contains. That’s why chocolate with 70% cocoa or more will taste more intense (or bitter) than milk chocolate. A lot of commercial cacao powders – and chocolate confectionery and foods, for that matter – are the same. They’re not pure cacao. They often contain sugar, emulsifiers and other additives.

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strawberry, apricot and coconut bircher muesli


I love how overnight oats can transform into a deliciously creamy brekky! As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts using oats, even if I like to follow a mainly Paleo diet (which eliminates grains), oats is the one grain I can’t resist because they’re just so versatile. They’re kind of like the little black dress of the health food world – the perfect canvas for throwing anything on it and, somehow, it just works.

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