raw strawberry cheesecake


I absolutely adore this super easy and lusciously decadent Raw Strawberry Cheesecake recipe by Pure Ella.

What I love about it is that it uses all natural and wholefood ingredients (mostly protein packed nuts and naturally sweet strawberries!)  to recreate something that tastes exactly like a store bought strawberry cheesecake 🙂

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raw chocolate velvet smoothie


Who needs to buy a chocolate milkshake, thickshake or ice-cream drink concoction when this healthy smoothie tastes SO MUCH better and it’s good for you (you’ll be satisfying your chocolate craving while sneaking in some veggie goodness thanks to the baby spinach. Plus, blending the chia seeds makes them more easily absorbed in the body).

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cinnamon and banana pancake stack

Layer chopped banana in between each stacked pancake

Layer chopped banana in between each stacked pancake

Making mum pancakes for Mother’s Day is about as original as making chocolate cake for a birthday, but what makes these special is that they’re decadent and delicious while being healthy at the same time. Definitely no butter, no milk and no flour was used in this recipe!

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raw coconut, lime and strawberry cheesecake


Fancy a tropical holiday in your mouth? Something about the combination of coconut with lime and strawberries just transports me to an island getaway, and this recipe does just that.

I’m not normally a cheesecake person (chocolate all the way) but ever since I came across Julia and Libby’s Raw Lime and Cashew Cheesecake (no cream cheese, no sugar, no crushed biscuits – hooray!) I’ve been inspired to make it.

Being so time poor I thought it would take massive effort to make them, but it took me less than an hour to put together as I slightly modified their recipe by simplifying it and swapping out a few ingredients and measurements to suit my taste.

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sweet cacao protein pancakes


Yes, pancakes can be healthy! Far from your traditional pancakes, this recipe is gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, free of refined sugar, full of protein and contains one of my favourite ingredients: raw cacao (chocolate in its purest form).

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