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guest recipe: paleo coconut bread (three ingredients!)


Those who know me would say that Iโ€™m a little short on patience. I want to get things done fast, I move fast and I eat fast. Itโ€™s something Iโ€™m working on โ€“ I have to consciously remind myself that thereโ€™s no rush to do things.

My lack of patience is also probably why I tend to make things that are either low on fuss, done in a relatively short amount of time, or with few ingredients – which is why this three-ingredient recipe instantly caught my eye. Yep, you read that right: three ingredients! It’s as easy as making a cup of tea. Seriously.

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not another chocolate smoothie


I thought I’d write a quick post on this hugely popular pic I posted up on Instagram recently. If you’ve been reading my posts long enough (thank you! x), you’ll know it’s no secret that I love raw cacao. I can’t get enough it. Some of the ways I’ve used the raw chocolate goodness is in pancakes and porridge.

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cafe review: paleo cafe, bondi junction

Image via Facebook / @Paleo Cafe - Sydney, Bondi Junction

Image via Facebook / @Paleo Cafe – Sydney, Bondi Junction

Itโ€™s no secret that Iโ€™d rather dine in a healthy cafรฉ than a fancy restaurant any day, knowing that I can enjoy a decadent chocolate treat or a generous meal without the side of guilt.

Whatโ€™s more, there are so many healthy food eateries in Sydney, itโ€™s not unusual for me to keep a โ€˜places to visitโ€™ list to mark off as a mini weekend project when I can. Itโ€™s a great way to compare the types of creative dishes and desserts that can be made with nutrient-rich wholefoods.

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