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cafe review: paleo cafe, bondi junction

Image via Facebook / @Paleo Cafe - Sydney, Bondi Junction

Image via Facebook / @Paleo Cafe – Sydney, Bondi Junction

It’s no secret that I’d rather dine in a healthy café than a fancy restaurant any day, knowing that I can enjoy a decadent chocolate treat or a generous meal without the side of guilt.

What’s more, there are so many healthy food eateries in Sydney, it’s not unusual for me to keep a ‘places to visit’ list to mark off as a mini weekend project when I can. It’s a great way to compare the types of creative dishes and desserts that can be made with nutrient-rich wholefoods.

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raw ‘carrot cake’ bliss balls


I love recipes that sneak a bit of veggie goodness in. This one is one of those delights, but unlike my Raw Velvet Chocolate Smoothie (that disguises the taste of baby spinach) the veggie in this recipe – crunchy, sweet-tasting carrots – is the star attraction.

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finding out my ayurvedic body type

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 4.09.59 PM

Last weekend I went to the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Bondi for an Ayurvedic consultation.

It was like a having a check up with a GP except that instead of the doctor trying to find out what might be wrong with you, an Ayurvedic doctor wants to determine your ‘dosha’ or body type, which helps them understand why you may be experiencing certain types of symptoms or imbalances.

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my healthy food philosophy


I thought I’d write a post about my food philosophy since the subject of food forms a large part of this blog and why I’m studying nutrition.

I don’t follow a particular “diet” or “eating plan”, but I do enjoy most Paleo-style recipes because they naturally tend toward using nutrient-rich, minimally processed foods. In short, the Paleo way of eating avoids gluten-containing and other inflammatory, difficult-to-digest ingredients. So grains, refined/added sugar (which increases the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more) and dairy are out.

As Paleo advocate and chef Pete Evans sums up nicely: “The Paleo Way promotes the minimisation of sugary and starchy foods, the MODERATION of protein intake (something most other approaches fail to recognise the importance of), the liberal consumption of fibrous vegetables and greens (raw, lightly cooked and/or fermented/cultured), nuts, seeds, eggs (if tolerated) and AS MUCH DIETARY NATURAL FAT as is needed to satisfy the appetite and support the healthiest brain and nervous system. An occasional very small amount of seasonal fruit is purely optional. The diet totally avoids grains, legumes, conventional dairy products, conventionally raised meats, non-organic produce, GMO’s and processed foods.”

A great approach to food, don’t you think? I couldn’t agree more.

Image credit: Facebook/@ChefPeteEvans

Image credit: Facebook/@ChefPeteEvans

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the best healthy hot spots in sydney

Bread and Circus, Alexandria

Bread & Circus, Alexandria

I’m so glad I no longer have to order a side salad when I’m eating out. Or make an excuse not to have something from the bread basket. There are just too many healthy cafes and gluten-free options in Sydney.

And today’s thriving healthy eatery scene means that you don’t have to be a clean-eating foodie, raw foodist, vegetarian, or a Paleo lover to appreciate them.

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10 things you didn’t know about food – part 1


One of the best things I love about studying nutrition is that I come across nuggets of information that I can apply to my everyday life.

The below is a list of things that have stuck with me, not only from studying nutrition, but from picking the brains of various health food coaches, nutritionists and authors working at Prevention.

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