real chicken nuggets


I’m fortunate to work with nutritionists at my day job. All we do is talk about food. I love it.

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nourishing pumpkin and chicken curry soup


As winter digs in, few things make life feel comforting and cosier than a bowl of nourishing soup. This recipe adds a delicious twist on a classic winter favourite. The bulb of garlic and curry powder adds depth of flavour and warmth and the shredded chicken makes this dish more than just a soup – it’s a satisfying meal that’s full of protein.

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asian chicken meatballs with crunchy cabbage slaw


I love these meatballs because they’re healthy, delicious, super easy to make and can be stored in the freezer to cook for another day. I also love that there’s grated zucchini and squash in them (which you can hardly taste if you’re not a big fan of veggies) which offer folate, fibre and vitamin C. What’s more, the oats (or you could use almond meal) in this recipe make a great alternative to breadcrumbs that are often used in traditional meatball recipes.

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