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Hey there!

My name is Christine; I’m a Sydney-based health and wellness writer, nutrition student and the author of yin & yum.

This blog is dedicated to all things holistic health, wellness and nutrition – things I wish I knew about long before I suffered a few niggling health issues.

I love learning about food as medicine, the benefits of different exercises and fitness methods, as well as spiritual and preventative practices for optimal wellbeing. I believe life is too short not to look after your health, especially as many of us realise its value only when it’s too late.

I’m inspired by people like Kimberly Snyder, Sarah Wilson, Candice Kumai, Lee Holmes, Irena Macri, and most of all, the father of holistic health, Deepak Chopra (his book, Perfect Health, is a favourite), whose health messages all resonate with me.

While some focus more on holistic health than nutrition, or clean recipes over wellness tips, they’re all committed to one purpose: empowering and inspiring people to live a healthier way of life.

I hope to share the same health wisdom with you, whether it’s through a yummy recipe, fun workout or something cool and healthy I’ve come across. So if you think you’ll enjoy reading posts from a health nerd on her way to becoming a nutritionist, then thanks for popping by!

Much love,


More about my story…

My health journey started years ago when a colleague of mine commented on a tub of strawberry yoghurt.

“What’s in that? It’s full of chemicals, gelatine and sugar,” she said.

At the time, her comment seemed completely foreign to me. Yoghurt is yoghurt. It must be healthy, right? Aren’t all yoghurts the same? I never imagined there were sugars and nasties added to what I perceived was otherwise ‘healthy’ food. I just ate completely for my tastebuds.

Back then, as well as my lack of nutritional knowledge, I was completely unaware of the subtle signs my body was crying for help: I suffered from severe PMS, cystic acne and lethargy. When I was run down, my body would break out with psoriasis or go to secondary amenorrhea (periods missing in action) mode.

Looking back, it wasn’t just the food I was eating – stress, not exercising enough (or too much!) and other factors contributed to my less-than-amazing health.

It’s taken me some time to make the connection between my food, lifestyle choices and my health, but I’m grateful for the experience as it’s led me (as someone with a communications background) towards writing for mainstream health magazines and websites , studying nutrition and working for Teresa Cutter (aka ‘The Healthy Chef’) on her cookbooks and website – amazing opportunities that feed my appetite for all things that are nourishing, healthy and holistic!

Disclaimer: This blog provides wellness management in an informational and educational manner only, with information that is general in nature. The contents of this site are intended to assist you and other readers in your personal wellness efforts. Consult your own doctor or healthcare provider regarding the applicability of any information provided.

Photography: Jason Lee


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