paleo lemon cake with smashed raspberries


It was a baking kind of weekend last week and instead of making another raw cake or something chocolatey (which I often tend to do), the Sydney winter chill called for something nourishing and baked.

Enter the Food Renegade’s post on this luscious Coconut Lemon Cream Cake by The Clean Dish! 

I also wanted to make Teresa Cutter’s Smashed Berry and Vanilla Jam, so instead of the thick coconut cream frosting I decided to experiment a bit and make a raspberry take on this jam. 

So while the cake turned out to be a bit more crumbly (I put more coconut flour than the desired almond flour which is quite dense), the zesty lemon and creamy coconut combined with the sweet smashed raspberries made a perfect pairing for afternoon tea.

What I love about this cake is that it’s not too sweet and a lovely alternative to what I usually make!




P.S. If you’d like more yummy recipes, check out this Zesty Lemon Cheesecake recipe and Raw Banoffee Pie! Nom nom 🙂


Photo credit: Valenzuela Photography

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