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raw ‘bounty’ bar slice

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I have a crazy sweet tooth for raw treats. I just love the feeling of indulging in something naughty when, really, I’m not.

In fact, a few of my favourite recipes (like my healthy take on the classic Cherry Ripe bar, The Merrymaker Sisters’ Raw Salted Caramel Cake and The Farm’s Healthy Chocolate Ice-Cream) are mostly made from nuts, cacao and natural sweeteners. How good is that?!

When you think about it, Mother Nature provides us everything we need to make decadent, delicious and satiating foods. You really can’t go back to anything store-bought or manufactured once you start making your own healthy versions. And when I say ‘make your own’, it literally means mixing a few ingredients in a bowl and then setting the mixture in the fridge. It’s THAT simple. No baking required.

A recent creation, given that it’s Australian Organic Awareness Month, is this organic raw version of the classic Bounty bar, a recipe by The Holistic Foodie. I couldn’t help but re-create this super simple recipe that took only a few minutes to make and using only four ingredients. Note: I used honey instead of rice malt syrup.

Seriously, these guys taste just like the store-bought, sugar-laden bars without the refined sugar, milk solids, glucose syrup, vegetable fat, emulsifiers and other additives (what is humectant?). And that’s more than four ingredients right there.

Best thing was that I got to use organic butter for the first time (I used the certified organic Spiral Foods’ ‘Organic Coconut Butter’), which is a creamy spread made from the meat (white flesh) of coconuts much in the same way almonds are used to make almond butter.

Whether you’re a raw foodist or not, if you love anything coco-nutty, this is definitely worth a shot. You can get the recipe here.







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