book review: honestly healthy cleanse


Honestly Healthy Cleanse by Natasha Corrett

The lowdown:

A mix of every day and gourmet vegetarian recipes in a beautifully photographed cookbook.

There’s over 100 recipes that are designed to alkalize the body (that is, dishes to flood your cells with nutrient-rich and health-promoting plant foods).

You can choose from three menu plans depending on what you want to achieve: a 6-day slim-down (mainly a liquid diet), high-protein cleanse (for active people) or 28-day plan (to help you permanently change the way you eat). Or, you can just use it as a handy cookbook for when you want to make vegetarian foods.

Great for anyone inspired to get healthier – there’s an amazing intro about what plant-based foods offer, a pantry list and exactly what to expect when you take on one of the plans.

So what’s to love?

– Takes the fuss out of thinking for yourself. Menu plans are detailed, with loads of nourishing and varied recipes. All snacks, desserts, mains and drinks are carefully selected to make sure you are satiated, getting enough protein and loads of taste, despite what many people think about going on a vegetarian diet!

– Meat-lovers won’t be disappointed. So you love meat but don’t mind a vegetarian meal now and then? These recipes offer plenty of plant based protein from sources such as tofu and quinoa, as well as chia seeds and nuts.

– Creative dishes using simple ingredients. Recipes such as Carrot ‘noodles’ with avocado dressing and Cauliflower and coconut tart can become staple favorites, that you probably wouldn’t have thought of making, as the ingredients are pretty easy to source.

A few things to note:

– Be prepared to stock up or completely overhaul your pantry. If you’re going to take this seriously, then you’ll have to get familiar with using ingredients such as coconut milk yoghurt, tempeh, maca powder, seaweed, black rice, kale, and spices… the healthy shopping list goes on!

– Expect to ditch the good/bad stuff. As to be expected with any healthy cleanse, there’s no caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy, wheat, gluten and meat allowed.


While it’s tempting to make a lot of these recipes, you have to be super motivated and have the means to expand on your regular ingredients/shopping list to encompass a lot of expensive healthy foods!

A bit difficult if you’re on a budget or making meals for other people who are not into vegetarian foods. This could possibly be a vegetarian-lovers dream cookbook, with plenty to offer aside from mains and desserts; there’s dips, chips, energy bars, protein balls and amazing breakfasts!

Be warned: you need to be prepared, adventurous and have lots of time to make your meals! Effort and dedication is a must if you want to follow the plans. For someone who is all for healthy, plant-based, wholefood inspired recipes, I’m giving this one a 8/10 🙂





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