vitality, sydney: highlights


Last week was the first-ever Vitality show held in Sydney: a three day affair at the Royal Hall of Industries for health, wellness and beauty lovers (read: me!).

I was fortunate to be taken for a whirlwind VIP media tour where, along with other bloggers and health journos, we got first dibs on sampling some of the varied range of stalls and demos. There was everything for the gym-going coconut-sipping and raw-treat making gal.


Holistic health lovers and fans of alternative therapies need not feel left out. Our first demo included a little ‘how-to’ on blending essential oils for massage, therapeutic and every day benefits. For instance, I found out almond oil works as a great base for moisturising, and then by adding different oils such as orange, ylang-ylang or patchouli, you can create either a sensual, uplifting or relaxing blend. Ahhhh…

Takeaway tip from the workshop: soak a towel in warm water containing a few drops of your favourite oil and press it into your face like a compress. Instant face-lift. Seriously!

We then got to sample some yummy smoothies – a green detoxifying kale kind and a berry blend. If that wasn’t enough to leave me in awe of Mother Nature’s absolute deliciousness and nourishing goodness, we sampled some homemade-style hummus that was whipped into heavenly creaminess.


Beauty junkies were catered from head to toe at the show. From high end premium brands like Dermalogica and GHD, to Nivea, to probably lesser known natural beauty brands such as Dr Hauschka, there were endless hair, face and body products to be sniffed and sampled.

Expect lots of healthy food stalls, small businesses promoting amazing new food delivery services and products as well as supplements, protein packed goodies and coconut infused treats.


I loved getting treated to a “face-mapping” analysis by Dermalogica followed by a mini facial. Don’t know though if I should be happy being told my pigmentation freckles are becoming a concern but looked “really cute”?! Er ok… not a good sign but looks good. Righhhhht.

What I do know for sure, is that the beauty therapists at Dermalogica know how to make you feel spoiled and spesh 🙂 I’m pretty sure I told my therapist I feel like a got a few hours’ worth of treatment in only 30 mins!


My absolute highlight, however, was catching up with my foodie inspiration, Lee Holmes, on the last day. She’s was as bright and gorgeous as the lemons on her stand (clean eating obvs!) and spoonfed me some of her buckwheat pudding deliciousness (it was a very affectionate moment haha).

Oh, and there were free copies of one of my fave mags, Women’s Heath, for everyone on entry. Gotta love that!


Much love,



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