guest post: five things successful people do differently


Contributed by Verusha Singh

Success means different things to different people. For some, it’s fame and fortune, and for others, it’s status, a happy relationship, a university degree, a trade or profession, raising ‘good’ children, helping people or the environment. For a minority, success is the journey itself or simply reaching a desired state of being.

Success – not just financial success – is an elusive thing. Only a minority of people achieve noteworthy success in life. To achieve notable success in any endeavor, it’s critical to study success – to uncover the success skills, tendencies or qualities in successful people.

You don’t get what you want in life; you get what you are. Successful people are different whether they are aware of it or not.

Here are five things successful people do differently from the rest:

1. Possess a burning desire for success

To have desire is one thing, but to have a burning desire is another thing entirely. All success stories begin with a burning desire. The extent to which you succeed in any endeavour is largely influenced by the intensity of your desire. Your desire for what you want to achieve must be so strong that you would find it hard to sleep at night; you literally lose sleep over it. It becomes such an obsession that it dominates your thinking, making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. If you can’t get that wound up about something, it’s only lukewarm — not really a burning desire.

2. Plan and execute

Merely setting a goal is often not enough. It must be followed by the development of a plan (with deadlines), and then taking consistent and effective action on a large scale towards its completion. An action plan is a road map that will get you from point A (your current situation) to point B (your desired situation). Regardless of the method, most people simply ignore this crucial step towards accomplishing their goals in life. It is said that people don’t plan to fail; people fail to plan.

3. Break out of the comfort zone

As you move towards your goals, your comfort zone will challenge you every step of the way. Usually it requires that we abandon old behaviours and adopt new ones. If you just wish and passively wait, your goals and dreams will fail to materialise. The key is to keep growing and expanding until you encompass your dreams. To reach any significant goal, you must leave your comfort zone.

4. Be a go-giver

The process of manifesting success requires that you give and serve others. It’s a Universal Law. You have to give before you get. You plant the seeds before you reap the harvest, and the more you sow, the more you reap. In fact, the law works to give you back more than you have sown. The giver’s harvest is always abundant.

5. Maintain your focus without wavering.

You write the scripts of your life by your thoughts. You are the sum total of your thoughts because all thought is creative. To create what you want, constantly keep your outcome in mind. Let your desired outcome dominate your thinking. The Law of Focus DEMANDS that you be single-minded in the pursuit of your outcomes. Focus all your attention on what you do want, and get fired up (emotional) about it. In contrast, if you constantly think about what you don’t want, you will cause it to manifest: ‘What you resist, persists!’


Verusha Singh is a ‘success writer’ and has held positions at two publishing companies, including Hay House (Australia) before deciding to establish her own self-publishing business. While working at Hay House she wrote articles for various mainstream magazines. As an independent business person Verusha has completed various editing and marketing projects for clients before joining her dad to co-author and publish The Inexplicable Laws of Success.

To read more on what successful people do differently and how you can do the same, check out the book, The Inexplicable Laws of Success [Classic Edition].


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