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guest post: homemade coffee and vanilla body scrub

Doesn’t this look so luscious? Plus it’s chemical free, smells divine and cheap to do. Image via Kirstie Muttitt

Doesn’t this look so luscious? Plus it’s chemical free, smells divine and cheap to do. Image via Kirstie Muttitt

Contributed by Kirstie Muttitt

As I’m trying to make my diet simpler, less processed foods, less chemicals, more cooking from scratch, I am wanting to make other areas in my life simpler too – including skin and haircare. This is an area that I’ve always loved spending money on! Seriously, leave me in a chemist or department store and I was happy for hours. But I gave no thought to what chemicals I might be putting onto my body and what effect this might have on me.

Fast forward to today and it seems pointless to make the effort of buying chemical free meat and veg if I’m still using standard, chemical ridden beauty products. Plus, I’m a student, so I need to save money wherever possible – and making your own beauty products is certainly cheaper than the top name brands I used to buy!

I have to admit, the first time I made my own moisturiser I thought the next thing I’d be doing would be knitting pyjamas out of dog hair or something (if you know what I mean)… it’s a slippery slope to hippiedom, but I haven’t got that far yet 😉 Hope you enjoy this body scrub!

Image via Kirstie Muttitt

Image via Kirstie Muttitt

Ingredients (all organic or chemical free):

Olive oil
Sugar – I use a mix of caster and normal sugar, but you can use whatever you have in the cupboard (if you are making a face scrub, use just caster sugar)
Coffee grounds – after making a pot of coffee, just dry the leftover grounds in the sun
Vanilla paste or essence
Essential oil of your choice


1. Put a couple of tablespoons of sugar into a wide mouth jar, and 2-3 of tablespooons of coffee grounds.
2. Pour in enough olive oil to make a good scrub consistency. Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla paste and mix it all together. It should smell pretty good by now!
3. You can add a couple drops of essential oils too if you like, just make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to them. I think something with an orangey smell would be amazing!
4. Now jump in the shower and cover yourself in this stuff, making sure you scrub all over. It will get messy, but that’s ok, you’re in the shower! Rinse well (body and shower) and after drying you should find that your skin feels soft and moisturised and smells amazing, with no need for additional moisturiser.


Kirstie Muttit is the blogger behind Hashimoto / auto-immune blog The Nutritionista and a nutritional medicine student. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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