what to do with your leftover veggies


If you’re like me and sometimes accumulate a bunch of veggies at the back of your fridge just before they’re about to go off, then it may be worth trying to make a delicious soup out of them.

Delicious is key here. You can probably put all your veggies together but without the spices and other ingredients to make it pop, then you’ll probably end up with some unpalatable sludge.




The above pic is just an adapted version of my Nourishing pumpkin and chicken soup except I took out the chicken and put some leek, carrot and broccoli. Like I said, whatever is left in your fridge should work as long as you add the spices from this recipe as well as the whole bulb of garlic. That’s the secret πŸ™‚ What’s more, this veggie soup is anti-inflammatory, full of nutrients and is super filling.

Hope you enjoy experimenting!

Much love,



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