five recipes you’ll never believe are raw

Raw zesty lemon cheesecake

Raw zesty lemon cheesecake

Ever since I’ve discovered raw food (especially raw desserts) I’ve been on an endless search for combinations of healthy ingredients that result in dishes that taste absolutely out of this world. I get a lot of inspiration from a lot of healthy chefs and authors and from around the web, so I thought I’d share the ones I just can’t get enough of.

1. Raw zesty lemon cheesecake

This one is heaven in a cake (I made the above version for a friend’s birthday). Mostly made from nuts and coconut oil, it’s healthy, guilt-free indulgence and the best thing is that you don’t even have to bake it! Thanks to wholefoods chef and author Lee Holmes for featuring my food pic in her post about artful food compositions.


2. Raw ‘carrot cake’ bliss balls

If you happen to have a bag of carrots at the back of your fridge, this is something worth a try. It’s also one of the highest clicking recipes on this blog so I hope that’s a reflection of how many people are actually making them 🙂


3. Very chocolately ‘cherry ripe’ smoothie

This is my favourite go-to breakfast that tastes exactly like the decadent treat, so much so it tastes-like-dessert. Bonus: it’s choc full of protein and healthy fats (from the nuts), fibre and phytonutrients (from the baby spinach) and antioxidants (cherries and cacao). Cherries also contain vitamin C and are a good source of soluble fibre called pectin that helps control blood cholesterol levels.

My yummy strawberry and chia bircher muesli

My yummy strawberry and chia bircher muesli

4. Yummy strawberry and chia bircher muesli

Bircher muesli is basically oats soaked overnight with grated apple, lemon juice and whatever else your heart desires. I love making a batch on a Sunday night and storing it in jars as it keeps for about three days.

My friend's version of my raw cacao treat! Yum yum :)

My friend’s version of my raw cacao treat! Yum yum 🙂

5. 5-minute choc-avocado mousse

This recipe is as rich and decadent as traditional mousse recipes that use thickened cream and eggs (mainly because of the creamy, buttery texture of the avocados). And because it’s totally free from dairy, gluten, wheat and refined sugar, it makes the perfect guilt-free treat. I love to make this for family and friends and see their reaction when they realise it’s mostly made from fruit! Thanks to Prevention magazine for featuring it in their dessert section.




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