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spa review: the ‘cocoon’ at endota spa, crows nest


I was kindly given an Endota Spa voucher for a treatment aptly named the ‘cocoon’ as it perfectly describes the transition phase I’m going through right now.

Most of this indulgent treatment involves being lightly massaged in fragrant oil, and then dry body brushed before being wrapped in a kind of human-like rice paper roll. The result? Soft, silky and smooth baby’s skin. Oh, and feeling like you’re just glowing from head to toe.

If you’re considering a fancy way to unwind by being moisturised and lightly massaged, then I’d say this treatment is for you. But if you’re more into hard-core massages or high-tech facial treatments, consider this a lesson in surrendering to complete relaxation for an entire hour.


So what’s to love?

The little things. A simple chakra clearing before the treatment, to your choice of oil and a beautiful herbal tea (before and after your session) makes you feel a little more pampered and a little more like you’re getting something luxe.

A mini-face and head massage. While you’re marinating in the cocoon of oil, the therapist gives you a face and head massage that is absolutely divine. Think about the head massages you get when you go to the hairdresser but ten times better!

Things to note:

The footbath is just a simple foot soak. Don’t expect your feet or legs to get massaged, it’s basically just a refreshing soak that cleans your feet and calves.

Unwind the day with it. It’s probably best to do this treatment in the afternoon. I did mine early in the morning and while I felt refreshed, I was so relaxed I wanted to go to sleep!

Much love,



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