30 days of hot yoga: week 2


So it’s week 2 of my hot yoga challenge and I can’t say that it’s done wonders for me just yet.

It’s been tough because I’m actually finding that, unfortunately, I’m not as flexible as I thought, so moves are a struggle… I’ve been falling out of the poses, been told to stop fidgeting after movement (as it consumes too much energy) and I find it hard to stop constantly wiping the dripping sweat off my face.

Still, I love the motivation (we’re constantly reminded that Bikram is like doing a marathon without leaving our mats) and spiritual wisdom I get in the classes, thanks to some great teachers at my studio. And, if anything, I feel a lot calmer and relaxed after a class.

Now that I’ve done a few, I’ve listed below a few pointers below for any newbies who wish to give Bikram yoga a go:

Wear your bikini bottoms under your shorts if you don’t have any proper waterproof yoga attire. It’s really comfortable and you’ll feel more like you’ve just come out of a sauna rather than having peed your pants (sorry for the visual!)

Bring two towels – one for the class and one to shower afterwards. The one you use in class will be drenched.

If you fall out of the pose, get back to it. That’s the only way you’ll be able to train your body to get used to them. Go to your edge, your limit, but if you feel any pain, that’s a sign to stop.

Notice if you fidget or what you think about during and between your poses. Are you critical of yourself? Do you think about what you still have to do for the rest of the week? Bikram teaches you to stay in the present and be comfortable with discomfort. Eventually, I’m told, it’ll make me a calmer person. I’m sure my vata dosha will love me for that!

Will continue to post on my progress…

Namaste for now,



2 thoughts on “30 days of hot yoga: week 2

  1. Hi, Christine, it’s lovely seeing your personal blog here. What u do here is just amazing, with the nutrion concern n yoga! I love yoga too, but I just learn the hatha yoga as a beginner.

    Oh well, all accessories on ur body should be taken off too to make it more comfy 😉


    Intan Rusty ❤

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