five healthy food tips that will change your life


There are a few handy tips and tricks of the culinary trade I’ve picked up since working in health magazine land. They’re from chefs and nutritionists I’ve come across who’ve saved me so much time in the kitchen. And have made food a lot easier to prepare. Hope you find them useful!

1. Freeze your spotted or black bananas

The insides are still good and they’re a great addition to smoothies, healthy baking and desserts for that extra creaminess and natural sweetness. I love to use them in my Raw Chocolate Velvet Smoothie and my 5-Minute Choc-Avocado Mousse. Yummo!


2. Use a vegetable peeler to make zucchini noodles

You don’t have to have fancy kitchen gadgets to make zucchini noodles. Just peel your zucchini vertically with a veggie peeler then slice them to the thickness you desire. Then soak them in hot water for 2 minutes, drain, and you have the best gluten-free spaghetti substitute you could want.


3. Slow cook your meals

I’ve made soups, curries and so many hearty dishes with MINIMAL EFFORT using a slow cooker. And trust me, I don’t enjoy cooking that much – despite all the food on this blog (I’m more of a raw dessert foodist). Most slow cook recipes require 5 to 8 hours so I set my meal before bedtime (low heat) then put the slow cooker off when I wake up in morning. That way I don’t have to be worried about overcooking or burning the house down when I’m not at home. The result? A nutritious meal that’s ready to eat when you get home.


4. Blend your leftover fruits

Sometimes I have leftover apples, pears or other fruits that just haven’t been eaten and are almost about to go off. If you have the same issue, just blend them in a smoothie for a quick breakfast. Apples and pears are great when paired with green veggies, such as kale and cucumber with some ice and lemon (to cut away that green veggie taste), for a detoxifying smoothie. You can even grate apples and pears to make bircher muesli. I love blending strawberries with cacao, banana almond milk and chia seeds, it’s absolutely divine.


5. Roast a huge batch of veggies with some chicken on top

I find this will make about three different meals during the week. They can all be put together in a filling salad, either the chicken or veggies can be worked into frittatas or omelettes, or have them made into main dishes such as curries or vegetable lasagne. Marinate them with olive oil and any herbs and spices you desire. I love smoked paprika on sweet potatoes, they taste amazing!

Enjoy my lovelies!



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