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sawatdee thai massage & day spa, st leonards


Some people like to go on a shopping spree or splurge on a new hairdo to lift their mood but, for me, I get a massage.

One place I love to go to is Sawatdee Thai Massage & Day Spa in St Leonards.

It’s been around for years and I’ve probably spent a few paydays’ worth of massages here since I first discovered it back in 2010.

Don’t expect anything fancy though. It’s a little run-down massage place sitting at the corner of a busy highway and the floors creak when you walk up to the treatment rooms. Their Asian style décor is a bit of a mix and match and you feel like you’re sitting in someone’s lounge room at reception rather than some tranquil, candle-lit, incense-burning waiting room. So if you want something decadent, this might not be your cup of tea – there’s definitely nothing luxe about it (although I’m told their other branches are more spa-like).


Still, what it lacks in looks and interior style, it makes up for in incredible service. I usually get a Thai massage (it’s like doing a good yoga session except you’re not putting any effort at all) or remedial massage because I feel like these treatments really make my muscles (especially around the shoulders and back) a lot loser and more relaxed.

I’m really into the firm to hard type of massages so sometimes it’s not easy to find a therapist who can keep the intensity up for a an entire hour. There’s a few times I’ve had massages in other places where the therapist eases on the pressure and I’d have to ask to make it stronger, which is awkward! But every therapist I’ve had at Sawatdee is consistent with the pressure throughout the treatment and afterwards, to complete your therapy, they serve you some delicious tea!




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