the truth about detox juices


Juice detoxes are all the rage right now. But while the idea of drinking your diet to cleanse and give your digestive system a ‘break’ appeals to me, I can’t go past the two-day mark without having to eat something.

Before you judge me for lacking in will power, there’s a good reason why I can’t get myself to stick to a juice cleanse – I believe juices have their place as a snack or as a nutrient-rich drink to be supplemented with some food.

I don’t think it’s healthy, and a lot of nutritionists I’ve spoken to agree with this, to have juices as a replacement for breakfast, lunch and dinner for more than a few days.

The body needs a good dose of healthy fats, fibre and protein for optimum functioning and depriving your body of these nutrients on a liquid detox is the reason why many people feel foggy, weak and generally crappy.

For instance, the brain is mostly made out of fat. Fat is also essential for a healthy nervous system and for making hormones, which all help control metabolism and other body functions. Without fat to support our bodies, we move away from good health. Where do you find healthy fat? It’s in foods like coconut, avocado, nuts, seeds, eggs, and organic grass-fed animal products. Make sure you’re not having any trans fats found in processed foods and margarine though! And protein is a major building block for bones, muscles, cell membranes, enzymes and hormones.

So while you think you’re giving your body a massive clean out on a liquid detox, what’s really going on is that your body goes into semi-starvation mode (there’s a great article that details what your body goes through on a detox here).

On the upside though, and because I’m such a health nut, I do love having a juice now and then. And, if I’m going to have one, it may as well be the type that’s full of phytonutrients (health-promoting chemicals found in plant foods) that I otherwise wouldn’t be getting on a regular basis.

Even the founder of Raw Revival Juices, Alexandra Lazcano, agrees – which is why it’s refreshing to meet a juice business owner who loves to juice but knows just sipping the stuff isn’t some instant miracle cure to weight loss or to have on their own without food.

Here’s three reasons why I love Raw Revival juices and the philosophy behind it:

1. Raw Revival juices are organic and cold pressed. This means fruits and veggies are juiced using a hydraulic press juicer that applies pressure to extract the nectar directly from the pulp. Blending or grinding, oxidizes and compromises the quality of the nutrients and enzymes. But cold pressing maximizes the amounts of natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the fruit and veggies.

2. It’s not about fasting. Many other cleanse companies make you fast during their cleanse but Alex encourages anyone on a Raw Revival cleanse to nourish their body with nutrient-rich clean food and to do what feels right for their body.

3. You can buy them in two ways: As the ‘Original Raw Revival’ cleanse which offers six flavours of cold pressed fruit and veg juice, or the ‘All Green’ cleanse, which offers four flavours of cold pressed juice. Each of the cleanses gives you six juices per day to drink as a supplement to a healthy clean diet. My personal favourite is the leafy greens, celery, cucumber, apple and parsely.


Alexandra Lazcano is the founder of Raw Revival Juices. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



PS. If you’re more into smoothies, you might like to try my Berry Bombshell or Detoxifying Green Getaway smoothies!


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