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i’m off on a wellness holiday!

Image via The Farm

Image via The Farm

I’m going back to the Philippines (my birth country and second home) for two weeks. I’m staying at a holistic spa resort called The Farm and then making the most of the summer for the rest of the time I’ll be there.

As a spa enthusiast, I’ll have a review of my wellness retreat when I’m back. But basically, the program I’ll be on involves a holistic health consultation, a fitness and nutritional assessment, organic vegan cuisine, (focused on sumptuous healthy food, rich in fibre and live enzymes), massage, spa and pampering treatments. On top of this, there are options to do yoga, daily walks and cooking classes.

Yep, it sounds like absolute bliss. And it’s something I’m really excited and grateful about because I’m going with my mum who I get to spend some really good quality time with.

My Instagram will be full of updates, but I doubt this blog will be. See you soon!

Much love,



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