a dinner date with mum and dad


While recipes feature a lot on this blog, I’m definitely much more of an eater than a cook. I love nothing more than a lovely home cooked meal made by my mum (whose recipes I will be featuring on this blog soon!). But on the odd occasion I do like to make something for my parents.

In fact, I had them over for dinner recently and made them a few things that I’ve wanted to make in a while.

So what was on the menu?

1. Lee Holmes’ Pistachio Mushrooms, which you can find in her new book, Eat Yourself Beautiful.

2. Baked Barramundi with Veggies, a ripped-out recipe from an old issue of MindFood.

3. Lee Sutherland’s Paleo Coconut Bread, in which I added some fresh pineapple so it tasted like a pina colada cake!

Here’s a mish-mash of how they were in the making and how they turned out:











It took me just under two hours to do all three things. Good food sometimes really does take time and effort. But for parents who are hard to please, and who generally like their traditional Filipino food with white rice, I was glad that they really enjoyed it. Only feedback was that they preferred more sweetness to the cake – but that’s the comment I generally get from many people not used to my refined sugar-free treats!

Hope they inspire a healthy dinner meal idea or two,



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