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the best healthy hot spots in sydney

Bread and Circus, Alexandria

Bread & Circus, Alexandria

I’m so glad I no longer have to order a side salad when I’m eating out. Or make an excuse not to have something from the bread basket. There are just too many healthy cafes and gluten-free options in Sydney.

And today’s thriving healthy eatery scene means that you don’t have to be a clean-eating foodie, raw foodist, vegetarian, or a Paleo lover to appreciate them.

In fact, the range of dishes, not to mention desserts, in these wholesome food places taste just as good, if not better, than traditional meals.

The below list is by the brain child behind Social Sneaker (the ultimate online destination on where to eat, drink, and play), Bonnie Wu, whose job is to trial and test countless cafes and restaurants around Sydney (tough gig, I know).

I’ve personally gone to three from her below list (Sadhana Kitchen, Bread & Circus and Earth to Table) and would pretty much agree on her recommendations.

So whether you’re new to healthy eating or have always been on the virtuous track, there’s definitely something from this list that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Sadhana Kitchen
147 Enmore Road, Enmore

“If words like organic, raw and vegan make you happy, then Sadhana Kitchen is the epitome of health heaven. Complete with a seven-course raw food degustation, cold-pressed juice cleanses and raw vegan high-tea, this is the place to convert you to a full-fledged organic, raw and vegan lifestyle. “

Bondi Wholefoods
30A Hastings Parade, Bondi

“Truly living up to its name, Bondi Wholefoods believes in nourishing the body with clean, toxic-free food, believing it provides “longevity through nutrition”. Everything that lands on your plate has been grown through organic farming, where growth hormones and antibiotics are strictly forbidden. Clean-eating? Absolutely.”

Kitchen By Mike
85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery

“If you’re after something a bit more hearty but still healthy, Kitchen By Mike is the go-to place for a filling lunch (and even a cheeky dessert – come on, you’ve earned it!) Scouring the markets and sourcing fresh ingredients, the menu rotates daily, yet stays equally as delicious. Expect to pair meat and fish dishes with yummy, gourmet salads.”

Raw chocolate mousse cake and dairy-free coconut ice-cream at Earth To Table, Bondi

Raw chocolate mousse cake and dairy-free coconut, cinnamon and chocolate ice-cream at Earth To Table, Bondi

Bread & Circus
Shop 2, 21 Fountain St, Alexandria

“This canteen-style eatery has the word biodynamic on the menu more than a few times – it’s practically before every item. With wholesome dishes like ‘Breakfast w/ Gwyneth’ (sautéed white quinoa, kale and mixed greens with garlic and chilli under a fried biodynamic egg), you can still bring friends around that aren’t fans of health food and shut them up with the mouth-watering caramelised lemony banana pancakes.”

Earth To Table
85 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction

“A favourite amongst raw foodists, Earth To Table has the raw staples – zucchini ‘pasta’, stir ‘no-fry’ and salads packed with a punch. However if you’re not sold on food that isn’t heated over 40 degrees celsius, at least stay for dessert. Tasting not much different to regular dessert (if not, better!), you’ll leave feeling guilt-free.”

Would love to hear about your healthy recommendations!

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3 thoughts on “the best healthy hot spots in sydney

  1. if you havent tried Thr1ve in the MLC centre, then you must! Great Paleo options for lunches and they do protein smoothies, and their version of a ‘salted caramel’ smoothie is delivious! Also, Salt Meats Cheese have a pop up in MLC also at the moment, where you can get a delicious quinoa vege salad for $6. Something else that is great to try, if you are an office worker is – they do office deliveries (with a min spend) so this makes things really easy!

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