Want to connect with other health bloggers?

Me, Lee and Ally

Me, Lee and Ally

Last weekend I attended the Sydney Health and Wellness Networking Event held by passionate health advocate, Director of Relauncher and business consultant, Alison Morgan.

It’s like one big party for health nuts, bloggers, business owners or anyone who wants to make connections within the health and wellness industry.

You basically get to mingle and chat to like-minded people while sipping coconut water and nibbling on cacao and nutty treats. How much fun is that!

It’s a genius concept, and if you turn up on your own, like I did, everyone has a name tag so you don’t feel awkward just approaching random people.

Most importantly though, it was an opportunity to meet so many people on the same journey – those driven to help others live a healthier way of life, whether it’s via their blogs, yoga practice or naturopathy/fitness/holistic health coaching business.

There’s a lot that happens in just two hours. After introductions and making connections, Alison brings everyone together and does a Q&A with special guest speakers.

We listened to wholefoods chef, author and blogger Lee Holmes (who I personally see as my mentor) talk about how her crippling autoimmune disease lead her to become a successful blogger and author (it’s all about making a winning pitch!).

The other speaker was Rita Sagrani, owner of The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, who shared her fascinating story about how she went against her Ayurvedic roots, but then after a health crisis (including Crohn’s disease where she could barely even walk) she was able to heal herself. Today, she has a thriving business sharing the healing power of Ayurveda.





Highlights of the event included:

– Meeting people who share the same passions. I met the creator of Raw Revival Juices who, like me, works in the magazine world as well. I don’t think I would have met her if it weren’t for this event.

– A closing yoga sequence by Jo Sharp of Sharing Bali retreats was a nice little grounding experience.

– Take home goodie-bags like you’ve just come back from a friend’s birthday party (loving my organic rose-hip oil!).

A few tips:

– Chat and work your way around the room. There’s so many people that there just isn’t enough time to have long conversations about your next healthy project or how to lock in a book deal with a publisher. Exchange cards, emails or Instagram accounts and move on.

– Bring a notepad and pen for the inspirational talks. You get a lot of industry know-how and tips and tricks of how to make your business or blog a success. You never know, someone’s story may spark a blog idea or open up a whole new world to your business.




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