foodie inspiration: lola berry

Myself, Lola Berry and Cecily (features writer at Prevention).

Me, Lola Berry and Cecily (features editor at Prevention)

Today I got to meet the delightful nutritionist and author Lola Berry at the beautifully hip yoga studio, Yoga 213, at Bondi.

Lola’s just launched her 20/20 Diet Cookbook, a collection of yummy recipes that include pumpkin, zucchini and almond loaf, apple cinnamon cookies and a raw rose and raspberry tart. They all sound so good you wouldn’t think they’re all gluten-free, wheat-free and sugar-free.

What I love about Lola is that there’s an infectious energy about her. She’s so sunshiny and hippy and she’s exactly what she’s always modelled herself to be: “the Steve Irwin of fruits and veggies.”

I originally came to know about Lola through her first book, The 20/20 Diet (a good intro into her food philosophies and less on recipes), which I downloaded on my kindle over a year ago.


Yummy cacao treats from Eat Fit Food

Yummy cacao treats from Eat Fit Food


It can be easy to get confused about the health messages in the media these days, but revisiting her ideas on food has compelled me to share some of her nutritional wisdom.

So here’s my top three favourite healthy foodie advice from Lola Berry:

1. We are meant to eat how our bodies were designed to eat – nutritious, natural, real, whole unprocessed and tasty foods.

2. Lack of sleep leads to lower levels of leptin (the hormone that tells your body you’re full) in the brain, leaving you susceptible to overeating. Sleeping well helps restore metabolic harmony between the hormones gherkin (an appetite trigger) and leptin, along with insulin. When they’re working swimmingly, they result in fewer cravings and less propensity to store fat.

3. By cutting out grains, sugar and dairy, we are forcing the body to burn fat stores to make energy (though we can still get plenty of energy from fruits and veggies).




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