yoga and q &a with kate kendall


Yogi Kate Kendall is at the top of her game. As the co-founder and director of Sydney’s yoga and fitness studio Flow Athletic, Paddington, yoga expert for Body & Soul, Rebook ambassador and yoga instructor at numerous health and fitness events around the country, Kate ensures she keeps physically and emotionally balanced. And it shows.

I recently attended her Saturday morning ‘Flow Athletic’ yoga class (a strong vinyasa class) and was amazed by how much sweat I was wiping off my face just after a few minutes. While it was just as physically intense as a Bikram yoga class (without the heated room and smell factor), I felt deeply relaxed and calm afterwards.

If you’re an early bird and have loads of energy in the morning, then Kate’s class would probably appeal. Expect variety and flow, not just stretching. Similar to a Jivamukti yoga class (without the chanting), there’s music, a lot of chaturangas, (probably every five to six moves) as well as warrior and side plank poses, which is great for building strength and toning the whole body. You definitely earn your savasana.

I also had the pleasure of chatting with Kate afterwards. Here’s my brief but insightful Q & A with the passionate yogi:

Describe yourself in three words

Kind, curious, playful.

Favourite mantra or words you live by?

The spaces between. The spaces between ‘doing’, between speaking, between movements, between thoughts; and between breaths.

Why yoga?

Giving back. You get back just as much as you put into it.

What was life before becoming a yoga teacher?

It was a 9 to 5 job in a really busy digital company. It just wasn’t for me anymore.

Best way to wind down after a tough day?

Putting my feet up and chatting with my flatmates.

What does your favourite go-to meal look like?

Whatever I can find in my fridge. Seasonal, fresh veggies and anything I can find to go with it – raisins or maybe crunchy Asian noodles.

Favourite book?

The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success by Deepak Chopra.







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